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How I Used Kickstarter to Meet the Producer of ‘Pretty Woman’

PHOTO CREDIT: Creative Commons photo “Los Angeles Area at Night” by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (nasamarshall) on Flickr   UPDATE: You can now find Life on Other Moons in e-book formRead More…



In May 2013, I will graduate with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore (U.B.). That means I have just over a year (1.25 of aRead More…


REB #30: “I believe that the so-called writing block is a product of some kind of disproportion between your standards and your performance…It doesn’t make any difference if you are good or bad today. The assessment of the product is something that happens after you’ve done it.”

– William Stafford It’s not that I have writer’s block, per se; I just don’t have time to write anything more than what’s required of me for class. At least not inRead More…