As I might have said before, I’m taking the graduate level Electronic Publishing course at the University of Baltimore this fall, and one of my assignments is to keep an e-pub blog. Which means starting a new one, on Blogspot/Blogger. Mine can be found here, but I think I will go ahead and syndicate each entry to this WordPress blog as well. I’m also taking Typography, and I might have some things to say about that as well, but they won’t be assigned. So, expect several publishing-, typography-, and literature-oriented blog posts in the coming months (my God: do those commas really even belong there?), but these will be in addition to my regular blog posts and my Twit TV entries. As always, I will tag these school-related entries with University of Baltimore, Education, MFA, and Baltimore, to denote the period in my life in which I am writing these entries. I may need to clean out my tags soon. (UPDATE: I did. The plan is to simplify my tags and orient them toward better SEO practices since I’m starting to learn about SEO. 2013-Apr-16.)

Anyway, I also expect to make a decision, in the next week or two, on which shows I’ll be tweeting/blogging about this fall for Twit TV, so stay tuned for that. See you again soon!

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