– Robert Wilensky

Okay, it isn’t exactly Shakespeare, but I think I’ve got about everything on my writer’s website that I wanted to have by the due date on Monday. Of course, I will add more in the future, but this is it for now. Here is a link to the temporary location (my free U.B. webspace); I’m going to work on transferring it to my rogermarket.com domain – and, thus, self-hosting my WordPress blog – at some point, but that’s not a priority right now. We’ll see it on class on Monday, briefly, but I wanted to post the link anyway, especially for those reading this who won’t be in class or aren’t students at U.B.

While searching for the quote for this title, I found a few more that I loved. Here they are:

“Information on the Internet is subject to the same rules and regulations as a conversation at a bar.”
– George Lundberg

“My favorite thing about the Internet is that you get to go into private world of real creeps without having to smell them.”
– Penn Jillet

“Hooked on Internet? Help is just a click away.”
– Author Unknown

“The Internet is the most powerful magnifier of slack ever invented.”
– Author Unknown

“You can’t take something off the Internet – it’s like taking pee out of a pool.”
– Author Unknown

*NOTE: This blog entry is syndicated from a blog I had to start for my Electronic Publishing class at U.B. this semester. I may or may not delete the extraneous blog when the class is over, but I thought I would at least give my readers the opportunity to read the contents of that blog indefinitely.

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