I just wanted to post this to help get the word out: Today is the LAST day to contribute to the No on 1 campaign that will fight to save marriage equality in Maine. Early voting on Proposition 1 starts tomorrow, and if things don’t turn out the way the current polls are going, marriage equality will be striken from yet another state. Even now, though, the lead is not by much, so please contribute if you can, to get more support out there; and if you can’t contribute, at least pass the word, and tell people to vote no on Prop 1 if they live in Maine.

None of this is about religion; it’s about the American ideals set forth in the Constitution, which says that we are all equal. And in much the same way that we have come to accept African Americans as part of that, and other groups, we can accept our GLBT brothers and sisters as well. There’s really no difference, and it’s no one’s business how GLBT community members live their lives anyway. They deserve the right to be happy and care for one another. Just let people marry who they want because it won’t harm you one bit. It really won’t.

I couldn’t give much, but even $25 adds up when a lot of people send it. 😉

Here is how the money will be spent: http://gay.americablog.com/2009/10/moneybomb-for-maine-help-us-hit-11.html

And here is a link to contribute: http://www.actblue.com/page/americablogsupportsmainemarriage

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