I’m waiting for my friend Lori to get off work so she can tell me if we’re leaving tonight or waiting until tomorrow morning; but in any case, I’m going to Washington D.C. this weekend for the equality march, and I’m pretty excited! She had mentioned her plans before, and then we were talking about it on Facebook today and she asked me if I wanted to go. So I had a choice: homework and TV all weekend or a momentous occasion and a lot of fun.

I’m going to Washington D.C. 😉

Apparently, a couple of friends from Indiana are going to be there, so I might give them a call/text. I was also secretly hoping to run into Alex, since I haven’t seen (or really even talked to) him for over a month. I miss him, and it would be great to see him this weekend, but then he’s also pretty busy with school. Which is why we haven’t really talked lately. Which is why I would almost be kind of angry if he suddenly had time for me if I were suddenly in D.C.


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