Sorry there haven’t been any updates in a while, if anyone’s been reading. I have so many stories, mostly horror stories, but I can’t possibly remember them all.

I’ll start with what happened today and see what I remember from there.

I was working—and actually, I’m working right now, so I have to make this quick—and we had a last-minute equipment delivery. Rustam and I had to take a projector over to Institutional Advancement at UB for a conference they were having, but we didn’t realize we would need an extension cord for it; we didn’t know the table was so far from the power outlet. So he went back to get one while I continued setting up the projector. And the woman in charge of the conference actually said this to me, or really just to the room: “Man, you guys are about as prepared as I am.”

First of all, she called us last-minute and expected perfection. Never going to happen! Second, she couldn’t get Outlook to open, and she didn’t know how to log in to the website she needed. Yeah, I think she could have been a little more grateful.

AWKward. It wasn’t our fault you forgot or that you’re having a bad day!

Oh well. I didn’t say anything. At least not until I left.

But on the way out, Rustam and I saw ex-Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon coming out of the Starbucks on North Charles in Mount Vernon. A guy stopped us at the crosswalk and pointed at her, subtly. “Isn’t that mayor Dixon?” he asked. And I’m 99% sure it was. Looked just like her. Shouldn’t she be in jail or something? She must have been spending her last unclaimed gift card at Starbucks!

When I got back to the office, Shirley came out and congratulated me. “For what?” I said. Then she told me I got the second-highest score on the what-do-you-know test we took at work a couple of weeks ago (for orientation part 2). Woohoo! That’s something, I guess. I know what I’m doing at work!

Okay, new topic. Horror movies!

I went and saw The Crazies last weekend—with Kari, Mike, and Eli—and it was GREAT! It was much more impressive than Shutter Island, which just drove us (Kari, Mike, Lori, and me) crazy with terrible dialogue and clichéd plot “twists” that read as cop outs. Scorsese was really backed into a corner with that movie. Anyway, The Crazies was actually pretty great, even had some good acting.

Tonight, I might be going to see Alice in Wonderland with Justin. I’m excited!

2 thoughts on “Ex-Mayors and Horror Stories

  1. Alice is really good; I only have one complaint about the film, but the rest is amazing! I’d love to know what you think of it.

    1. I still haven’t seen it yet. We didn’t end up going because something came up and he couldn’t get here until later than we thought, so we just stayed in.

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